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HISTORY of the Palmdale Akita Rescue Project
Palmdale Akita Rescue Project COMPLETE
What happened in May 2006

WHAT HAPPENED in Palmdale, California in May 2006

In May 2006 (more than 2 years ago), a group of dedicated rescue volunteers in Southern California took on a rescue project of great magnitude involving 56 Akitas rescued from a nightmare situation after County authorities closed down a failed kennel in Palmdale, California.  These dogs were initially housed in 5 different Los Angeles County Animal Shelters, and needed to be moved into private kennels, foster and adoptive homes.  They became known as the Palmdale Akitas, and their story of courage captured the hearts of Akita rescuers in California and throughout the country.
As with all such sensational situations, the initial shock and sense of urgency was tremendous and the outpouring of support was phenomenal, marking the beginning of a 25-month journey.
Miraculously, nearly all of these magnificent dogs maintained a sense of dignity and the undying Akita spirit we know and love. The dogs themselves were the inspiration and motivation for the volunteers who gave their time over the months and years - - we wanted to do all we could for these deserving creatures who had endured so much and remained trusting, loyal, and most of all hopeful

Akitas are strong, silent, and stoic, but extremely sensitive and intuitive, and each Palmdale Akita had individual and unique personalities of his or her own. Some exuberant and playful, others dignified and regal, many were gentle, easy souls seeking to bond with an individual or family.
We are grateful to the groups and individuals who made donations of funds and materials, and provided foster homes for the Palmdale Akitas.  We extend our thanks to the (many) dozens of households who opened their hearts and homes to adopt Micah, Bear, Kimo, Akiko, Tiki, Kuma, Hannah, Hank, Sachi, Kai, Kota, Rob Roy, Snowbear, Claire, Jedi, Sweet Sue, Rusty, Kona....and so many others.
A rescue undertaking of this magnitude took much time, patience (and funds!) to work through the logistics of moving and housing dogs, evaluating and vetting those in most urgent need and organizing a means for adopters to meet the dogs.  (Rob Roy is pictured to the right)
Many people were involved initially, as we networked on their behalf...and 3 of us remained as volunteers working on the project the entire 2+ years.  As time passed, the images of the Palmdale Akitas faded from the forefront, as volunteers began to deal with plights of other needy animals.
Naturally, as with any long term effort, funds which are raised become exhausted, and the passing of time caused the Palmdale project become "yesterday's headlines."   This is normal, of course.  Fundraising efforts will continue until the past bills for the kenneling and vet care for the Palmdale Akita Rescue Project have been paid.  We welcome your donations in any amount - (please click on the DONATION link at the upper left margin).